Membership & Baptism

Our Membership & Baptism Process

Step 1

Sign up for membership on Sunday morning at the Welcome Table, pick up our membership applications and booklets. Begin the process of completing the application by reading through "What We Teach" and our Bylaws.

Step 2

Attend our membership classes (four if baptism is required). These classes cover the Distinctives of GraceLife Church (A high view of God, a sufficient view of the Scriptures, a proper view of man, an accurate view of the church, and a strong view of church leadership), a biblical case for church membership (Part 1, What is the Church? Part 2, Why Join the Church?), and the necessity of serving in the church as well as the opportunities for service at GraceLife Church.

Step 3

Have a membership interview with one of the elders. This provides an opportunity for the elders to begin pastoral care and for the potential member to ask any questions about our church.

Step 4

Baptism, if necessary, and the formal recognition of our new members at a Sunday service.

If you have not yet formally committed yourself to GraceLife Church or been baptized as a believer, please sign up in the foyer on Sunday.