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GraceLife Church

Location: 9333 199 St. NW
Mail: 584 Riverbend SQ NW P.O. Box 21166

Edmonton, AB  T6R 2V4


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Paul Claassen

 Email: pclaassen@shaw.ca



Paul is Chairman of the Elde r Board and has been instumental in the whole start up process of GraceLife Church  of Edmonton             . All the activities and affairs of the Church are under the direction of the Board of Elders. Also, the Elders are responsible for the selection and removal of all officers, including pastors, staff and employees. They are also responsible for the establishing of duties, fixing the length of service, and assigning compensation. The Elders are accountable for all income and their subsequent disbursements and effectively control the activities and affairs of GraceLife Church  insofar as these are all consistent with the Scriptures, law, Declaration of Incorporation, and GRBC Bylaws as deemed best.

Paul, like all Elders is an active member of this church and possesses the qualifications described in 1 Tim. 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9.

Paul currently shares the teaching load of our Adult Sunday School Class and is in the process of completing his Masters in Biblical Counseling through The Masters College.

Paul loves the Lord and wishes to serve Him through his ministry to the church which includes you!

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