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Recommended Reading
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A Confessing Theology For Postmodern Times

 By: Michael S. Horton

In a world in which absolute truth, values and authority have lost their place, the evangelical church needs most of all to be a beacon of truth and light. Yet the relativistic mindset of our culture is seeping in, pushing aside biblical content to make way for personal experience even in churches that once held firmly to the doctrines of the faith. The result, a watered-down Gospel, is having little impact on society or individual lives.

It is a challenge that must not go unmet.

In A Confessing Theology for Postmodern Times, twelve confessing Christian scholars from various denominational backgrounds provide you with ideas and strategies for rising to that challenge. They explore your resources for "doing" theology in a postmodern world, as well as the obstacles and the opportunities it entails.

There is a crisis of truth in the world. This volume is evidence that you can reach out to those who need the life-changing message of the Gospel and still hold firm to a systematic, biblical theology in postmodern times.

- Back Cover

Almighty Over All
Understanding the Sovereignty of God
 By: : R. C. Sproul Jr

The author is suggesting all believers must trust God in all circumstances, even in suffering, because God is in control.

Ashamed Of The Gospel
When The Church Becomes Like The World
 By: John MacArthur

MacArthur speaks out against apathy in the church today; it is as it was in Charles Spurgeon's day, of which Spurgeon wrote: Everywhere there is apathy. Nobody cares whether that which is preached is true or false. A sermon is a sermon whatever the subject; only the shorter it is the better

Brothers We Are Not Professionals
A Plea to Pastors for Radical Ministry
 By: John Piper

A plea for his fellow pastors to abandon the secularization of the pastorate and to pursue real biblical ministry.

Counted Righteous in Christ
The Imputation of Christ's Righteousness?
 By: John Piper

John writes with passion about this very important issue-we need to read, understand and dare not abandon this doctrine today.

Desiring God
Meditations of a Christian Hedonist
 By: John Piper

A manual of true spirituality.

Don't Waste Your Life
 By: John Piper

Piper's argument: we are created to live with a single passion: to joyfully display his supreme excellence in all the spheres of life. The wasted life is the life without this passion. God calls us to pray and think and to dream and plan and work not to be made much of, but to make much of Him in every part of our lives.

Evangelicalism Divided
A Record Of Crucial Change
 By: Iain Murray

Murray is tracing the downgrade in doctrinal evangelicalism with a call to get back to teaching the truth and truth alone.

Getting The Gospel Right
The Tie That Binds Evangelicals Together
 By: R. C. Sproul

Sproul responds to the documents known as Evangelical and Catholics Together and the Gift of Salvation. This book defends the doctrine of sola fida and the importance of a new unity of the gospel. You've got to read this one!

Hard To Believe
There is no user friendly, seeker sensitive Gospel
 By: John MacArthur

Too many people just want a Madison Avenue gospel to make them prosperous-but Jesus is the Savior who died an agonizing death to satisfy the wrath of a holy God and to forgive the sins of humankind. Faith in Him demands a willingness to make any sacrifice He asks. The hard truth about Christianity is that the cost is high, but the rewards are priceless: abundant and eternal life that comes only from faithfully following Christ. (Back cover)

Knowing God
 By: J. I. Packer

A Classic! A Book to read, treasure and reread for years to come. Every Christian should have this book on his/her bookshelf.

Let The nations Be Glad
The Supremacy of God in Missions
 By: John Piper

This book has been declared 'The most important book on missions for this generation.'

No Place For Truth
Whatever Happened to Evangelical Theology
 By: David F. Wells

James Davison Hunter (University of Virginia) says of this book: "The writer nails his theses of biblical Christianity to the doors of modernity. May well be the most provocative book evangelical pastors and laypeople ever read."

The Reformation for Armchair Theologians
 By: Glenn S. Sunshine

Written by experts but designed for the non-expert, the Armchair series provides accurate, concise, and witty overviews of some of the most profound moments and theologians in Christian history. This series is an essential supplement for first-time encounters with primary texts, a lucid refresher for scholars and clergy, and an enjoyable read for the theologically curious. In addition, this readable, accessible narrative of the Protestant Reformation includes questions for discussion and suggestions for further reading. (Cover)

Right Thinking in a World Gone Wrong
A Biblical Response To Today's Most Controversal Issues
 By: Leadership Team at Grace Community Church

One of the greatest challenges facing Christians today is the powerful influence of secular thinking. From all directions we're fed a constant barrage of persuasive— yet unbiblical—worldviews. This makes it difficult to know where to stand on today's most talked-about issues.

The leadership team at Grace Community Church, along with their pastor, John MacArthur, provide much-needed discernment and clarity in the midst of rampant confusion. Using the Bible as the foundation, you'll learn how to develop a Christian perspective on key issues—including...

Political activism; environmentalism; the cult of celebrity; entertainment and escapism; homosexual marriage; abortion, birth control, & surrogacy; euthanasia and suicide; disasters and epidemics; immigration; God and the problem of evil.

Also included is a topical reference guide to Bible verses that address key concerns—a guide that will arm you with right thinking and biblical answers to challenging questions

Sinners in the Hands of a Good God
Reconciling Divine Judgment and Mercy
 By: David Clotfelter

A great resource for pastor or laity alike: Described by Iain Murray as ‘One of the most winsome, discerning and compelling presentations of the seriousness of sin and the grace of God. It is among the few potentially life changing books—to believe it and live a careless Christian life should be impossibility.'

Iain Murray, Author and Conference Speaker 

The Death of Death in the Death of Christ
 By: John Owen

A polemical work designed to show, among other things, that the doctrine of universal redemption is unscriptural and destructive of the gospel. I challenge you to read it! A powerful work to be sure.

The Glory Of Christ
 By: R. C. Sproul

From Glory in the Fields to Glory on the Damascus Road the author demonstrates how the word Glory is charged with meaning and sets the hearts of Christians soaring. The soul is lifted up by the contemplation of the glory of God and His Only Begotten Son-the object of our worship and adoration.

The Glory Of Heaven
The Truth About Heaven, Angels and Eternal Life
 By: John MacArthur

Heaven is far more than an adjective or an attitude says MacArthur. It is a real place, a real place where people of God go after they die. Insightful, uplifting--a great read

The Gospel According To Jesus
What Does Jesus Mean When He Says 'Follow Me'
 By: John MacArthur

This book is written in order to show what saving faith in Christ looks like, or what it actually amounts to. A Must Read!

The Reformed Doctrine of Predestintion
 By: Loraine Boettner

One of the most thorough and convincing statements on predestination to have appeared in any language—a book regarded as the authoritative work in this field.

The Swans Are Not Silent
Men of Their Times
 By: John Piper

This series of three books are about men who rose to the challenges before them. Facing lifelong opposition with joy they each stayed the course. The three: Legacy of Sovereign Joy, The Hidden Smile of God, as well as God's Passion for His Glory, which won the ECPA Gold Medallion award are each unique gifts for all believers. This series is a must read!

What The Bible Says About Parenting
God's Plan for Rearing Your Child
 By: John MacArthur

MacArthur suggests, the key for Christian parents is to understand and apply the simple principles Scripture sets forth, so that they can rise above the trends of secular society and bring up their children in a way that honors Christ, in any culture and under any circumstance. I believe this is a must read for all parents

Why I Am Not An Arminian
 By: Robert A. Peterson & Michael D. Williams

Arminian theology is sweeping through the evangelical churches of North America . While most Arminians are good, sincere, orthodox Christians, authors Robert Peterson and Michael Williams contend that aspects of Arminian thought are troubling both biblically and theologically. In particular, they argue, Arminians have too lofty a view of human nature and an inadequate understanding of God's sovereign love in Christ.

Why I Am Not an Arminian
explores the biblical, theological and historical background to the Calvinist-Arminian debate. The irenic nature and keen insight of this book will be appreciated by laypeople, pastors and scholars alike. (Cover) 

Willing To Believe
The Controversy Over Free Will
 By: R. C. Sproul

By the time a believer finishes reading this work, he will understand Sproul’s view or distinctions between the Protestants and Catholics, Calvinists and Arminians, the Reformed and Dispensationalist. Essential reading for everyone seeking clarification of such doctrines.

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